Microfilmed material

Church civil register books is an important public-private document in southern Banat area, which is being in place since the beginning of 18th century. Civil register books were led by churches until 1895, and the oldest civil register books from the area of southern Banat originate from 1716, when Pancevo was exempt from the Turkish authorities. When a civil registration was introduced in 1895 as a public service, state bodies were obliged to conduct registers as well, thus making the data protected by the state. As it has been established that church civil registers are in extremely bad physical condition, with a bad binding, attacked by moisture and fungi, as well as that the records are very difficult to read, an urgent and immediate microfilming has begun.

Microfilming started in 1994 and so far 108.290 recordings of church civil registers have been produced. The microfilming process continues on a daily basis and the number of images increases. All recorded church civil registers were made on rolls of 16 mm and were stored in a metal cabinet as a backup copy.